Decentralized Energy

Within the area of distributed energy we offer solutions for clean energy sources, low emission and alternative fuels, and small gas power plants. We have many years of experience in supplying equipment for hydroelectric power plants, waste to energy plants and industrial heat pumps. Our offer includes auxiliary systems as well as complete integration of generating sets using fuel cells, engines and small gas turbines. We are constantly developing our product portfolio in the area of hydrogen, bio gas and LNG technologies, providing process systems for biogas liquefaction stations as well as industrial hydrogen treatment plants.

Recent successes include the production of the first SOFC fuel cell dedicated to the European market. Rockfin as a manufacturer of equipment for the energy sector is consistently developing its portfolio not only with equipment such as Hydrogen Refueling Station, Hyrdogen Compression, but also places great emphasis on cooperation with fuel cells manufacturers to integrate systems for electricity generation from hydrogen supporting decarbonization and betting on the development of hydrogen as a fuel of the future. 

Our experience includes:

  • Shaft Sel Oil System for electricity generators cooled by hydrogen
  • Hydrogen unit for generators
  • Hydrogen drier
  • Hydrogen flow divider unit for PSA intsllation
  • Solid oxide fuel cell combined with micro gas turbine for MP
  • Hydrogen flow control unit
  • Part of system blending hydrogen with natural gas as a fuel for gas turbines

Rockfin future opportunities:

  • PTU Demineralized Water Feed System for PEM electrolysers
  • Hydrogen puryfing membranę unit
  • Small H2 production on site by electrolysis „Green Box”
  • Hydrogen capacity 30kg/day, comoressed to 500 barg
  • Rockfin „Green Box” 1MW
  • Installed nominal power 1000kW
  • Max power supply for electrolysers: 850kW
  • Max hydrogen production: 14kg/h
  • Yearly hydrogen production: ca. 17000kg
  • Max water consumption: 250dm3/h
  • Peak electricial power from the grid: 120kW
  • Hybrid Power Supply  – PV Panels & Grid Electricity